The once-worn,

pre-loved and re-loved!

What’s not to love about a once-worn wedding dress?  This is a question that is often met with a bit of a wrinkle of the nose or generally dismissed out of hand. But WHY?  Often the image of second hand is that of a pile of unloved garments spread out on tables at the local jumble sale, or of a musty smelling charity shop with a 1980’s puffball in the window.  But this is just not so.  The wedding dress is a special, much loved gown that has literally been worn just once for a matter of hours and is neither threadbare, musty nor last century.  There is so much to gain from just venturing into the world of the re-loved.

Bonus 1 is the vast benefit to the environment.  It is a surprisingly little-known fact that the textile industry is the 2nd biggest pollutant of the planet.   The figures are explained by Fibre2Fashion as:

Up to 5% of all landfill waste is from textiles

20% of fresh water pollution is created by treatments and dyes

Hazardous waste is released in to nearby land by textile manufacturing units

Metals discharged are present in soil at amounts greater than deemed safe by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Air pollution from the factories has become a major concern

Toxic waste water is released without purification


So, whilst we are berating the likes of McDonalds for their single use straws and chains like Costa for their plastic cutlery policies, we should look to the wedding dress market too.  These gorgeous creations often become single use items destined to end up in a landfill near you!

Bonus 2 is the price.  The wedding dress is such a big part of a bride’s day and, although we have largely moved away from the expectation of fairy tale perfection, there is still an enormous pressure on women to look magical on their special day which usually comes with a hefty price tag.  For most women who don’t have an auntie who used to hand-stitch the finest of robes for a designer powerhouse the dress can cost as much as 30% of the total wedding budget!  This is not a problem at all if you have the bank balance and budget which matches that of a prince, or if you are not at all worried that the cheap copy-cat dresses from the internet may have one boob lower than the other or a slightly uneven hemline leaving you looking like you have one leg shorter than the other in all the photos! 

With a pre-owned, sample or ‘last season’ dress from Boleythomas Bridal you benefit from the fabulous designer detail and quality for a fraction of the original price.  The exquisite beading, lace and tulle are absolutely stunning, whilst the cut of the fabric and tiny stitches ensure an elegance that only the big bucks can buy. 

But with a professional, and environmentally friendly, clean a once-worn dress is as perfect and beautiful as the day it sparkled its way out of the designer house.  With a Boleythomas Bridal dress you can make a personal difference to the environment as well as save yourself the price of a honeymoon.  Without the price tags on show your family and friends will never guess that you and your beautiful gown have a secret story to tell.   A once-worn, pre-loved wedding dress can only be a win win for all.

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